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    Pamela M. Binns-Gibson, MD

    Dr. Pamela Binns-Gibson has been surrounded by the medical profession her entire life. "I come from a family of healthcare providers," she explained. "My father and uncle were both doctors, and my mom is a nurse."

    Dr. Binns-Gibson says that family background led her to choose a career of helping people, while her quest for variety led her to family medicine. "I like taking care of patients of all ages, and diagnosing and treating different medical problems," she said. "I especially like taking care of adolescents and counseling them."

    It's not just her patients who make Dr. Binns-Gibson so excited to come to work everyday. "I love working with my staff and partners," she said. "It feels like a family. I truly enjoy what I do and could not think of anything else that I would want to do with my career."

    When she's not working, Dr. Binns-Gibson enjoys traveling, shopping and sleeping, but most of all, she said, "I enjoy spending time with my family."

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